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Monthly Archives: March 2018

How to take your preschooler’s temperature

What’s the best way to take my preschooler’s temperature? If you think your child has a fever, you’ll need a good digital thermometer to take his temperature. We can help you choose the right one for your child. (Get more details in our thermometer buying guide.) Regular multi-use digital thermometers are sold in drugstores for […]

Newborn screening tests: Which ones your baby will have and why

What is a newborn screening test? Newborn screening tests check for rare but serious conditions in babies just after birth. All states require certain screening tests to be performed on newborns, even if they appear healthy. These generally include a variety of blood tests and a hearing test. (Some states now do heart defect screenings […]

What are the pros and cons of letting my water break naturally?

If your water hasn’t already broken on its own and your labor is not progressing well, your practitioner may try to augment your labor – or stimulate more effective contractions – by rupturing the membranes (the amniotic sac or “bag of waters”) that surround your baby. Your practitioner can break your amniotic sac by inserting […]

Post Preganancy Workout: Pelvic-Floor/Kegel, Tilts

Congratulations on your new baby! Now that you’ve recovered from labour and the birth, you may feel ready to do some post-pregnancy exercises. The exercises described here are gentle and safe for most women. Once your doctor gives you the green light, you can start off with these basics: What are pelvic exercises? These internal […]