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Monthly Archives: August 2018

How to take your preschooler’s temperature

What’s the best way to take my preschooler’s temperature? If you think your child has a fever, you’ll need a good digital thermometer to take his temperature. We can help you choose the right one for your child. (Get more details in our thermometer buying guide.) Regular multi-use digital thermometers are sold in drugstores for less than $10. They’re […]

Medicine and poisons safety in the home

All households have medicines and products that can be harmful to children. Learn how to properly store these products and what to do if your child accidentally swallows something. Poisonings at home often involve young children playing with: medicines household cleaners such as disinfectants, bleach and dishwasher powder garden chemicals such as pesticides and baits […]

Allergies: controlling your environment

If your child has allergies, many things inside and outside your home can trigger or worsen allergy symptoms. The things that cause allergy symptoms are called allergens. Some common allergens in the environment are pollen, mould, house dust mites, animal dander (dead skin flakes) and cockroaches. Other substances that are irritating can make allergy symptoms […]