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Monthly Archives: December 2019

Tongue and Lip Ties: What to Look For and What You Can Do About It

Tongue and lip ties are not uncommon in babies, and – if left untreated – can cause issues with speech and oral health later on. However, they may not always be immediately physically visible, and that’s why it’s important to know the other symptoms to look for. Tongue tie is when the frenulum, the skin that attaches the […]

What You Need to Know About Keeping Baby Safe in the Bath

There’s nothing sweeter or better smelling than a baby fresh out of the bath. While bathtime can be endlessly cute and lots of fun for both parent and child, many people don’t realize the many ways that it can also be dangerous. From 2006-2010, 346 babies and toddlers died by drowning in the bathtub. These accidents […]

How Do I Know if I’m Pregnant?

When you’re wondering whether or not you’re pregnant, you need to know — now! Look out for these common, early pregnancy symptoms and signs. Whether it’s tender breasts, a touchy stomach, or something else altogether, the first sign of pregnancy is different for every woman. I remember being out to dinner with my husband and feeling the sudden, […]

4 Annoying Pregnancy Symptoms That Are Actually Good for You

Uncomfortable pregnancy symptoms can be a months-long drag (morning sickness, we’re looking at you!). But rest assured, some of them mean good news for you and your growing baby. Heartburn. Constipation. Backaches. No one ever said being pregnant was a walk in the park. The good news? Some of the tough-to-take side effects can actually be a […]

What Does ‘Natural’ Really Mean When It Comes to Baby Products?

We talked to an expert to find out what it truly means when a baby product has the word “natural” on its label. Any parent who purchases a baby product for their child does so in the hopes they are selecting something effective, yet safe. Many parents prefer to buy “natural” products to care for their […]