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Monthly Archives: March 2020

Further Proof That Babies Are Just Sh*tty Sleepers

When my children were babies and toddlers, I fretted a whole heck of a lot about their sleep. At times, it felt like I basically had the worst sleepers on the planet. My first son took forever to fall asleep each night—it took about 45 minutes of bouncing and nursing and rocking to get him to fall asleep. Once asleep, he was […]

Raising Daughters Is About More Than Sparkles, Shopping Sprees, And Princesses

Mothering daughters is so much more than sparkles, shopping sprees, and princesses. It’s so much deeper. It’s being in awe of how strong her personality is, and if it isn’t, it’s giving her the tools to build confidence to become strong, so she’s never afraid to use her voice to stand up for herself and others. It’s watching her nurture her siblings. […]

What Is A Membrane Sweep And What Should You Know Before You Have One?

By the time you hit 39 weeks in your pregnancy — a milestone known to expectant mamas as full-term — you’re beyond ready to meet your little one. You’ll inevitably be a little nervous about childbirth because, hello, it’s a big deal! But, mostly, you’re looking forward to laying your eyes on your baby for the first time. Real […]

10 Pieces of Pregnancy Advice For First Time Moms

Hello there, mama to be! Listen. I know you’re brimming with a mixture of fear and excitement at this miraculous life milestone, and why shouldn’t you be? This is huge (and that wasn’t a smart remark about your expanding waistline). I also know you don’t want any unsolicited advice, except when you do and take to […]

7 Tips to Boost Baby’s Brain Development

Hoping to give your baby an edge on acceptance to the Ivy League? According to experts, there’s a lot you can do to boost baby’s brainpower even before birth. The human brain begins developing between the first and second week of fetal development. Though genetics play a role, diet, exercise and even maternal stress levels […]

What is Molar Pregnancy?

According to WebMD, a molar pregnancy is when what would usually become an embryo instead forms a benign tumor in your uterus. When this occurs, your body exhibits signs of pregnancy. Molar pregnancies are very rare and only happen in 0.1% of pregnancies, according to the American Pregnancy Association. There are two types of molar pregnancy: complete […]