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Sleeping Alone, or with Your Baby?

When you have a little one, sleep is a priority. Some go it alone, with their baby safe and sound in a bassinet or crib, while others prefer to co-sleep with their infant. 

Is there a right or a wrong way? 

Everyone seems to have an opinion. The question is, what works for you?

Why co-sleeping? For some, co-sleeping provides the advantages of:

  • offering the ease of breastfeeding during the night.
  • helping parents, especially the mother, feel more rested, as they generally do not have to awaken fully to walk from bed to crib, etc., during the night.
  • creating a “more in sync” sleeping pattern between mother and child.
  • potentially feeling a closeness to your child, which is of great value, especially if you have returned to work and are absent from your child during the day.

Although the benefits are worthwhile, here are a few other things you should certainly consider before snuggling up to your infant at night:

  • Co-sleeping with an infant may pose dangers like suffocation and/or strangulation. In fact, the American Academy of Pediatrics agrees that this risk is not worth the benefits.
  • Although it may be convenient now, the question becomes when and how will you transition your infant to being able to sleep independently? Just like other skills, you will need to help your baby acquire the skills to fall asleep on her own. How and when do you want this to happen?
  • Finally, if you are looking to be “romantic” (wink, wink) with your partner, a little one in the middle of your bed may certainly impede these activities.


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