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Parents, Stop Feeling That Everything You Do Is Wrong

When was the last time you heard a curmudgeonly adult complain that kids today have it easy? Results from this year’s National Poll on Children’s Health were released in April, suggesting that many adults — both parents and nonparents — think that children today are experiencing more stress, and worse mental health, than when they themselves were […]

Early Signs of Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a life event (divided into three trimesters of 13 weeks each) that entails substantial physiological and psychological adjustments for the mother. Within each trimester, numerous adaptations occur with the end-goal of facilitating the growth of the fetus. The most apparent are physical and physiological changes to accommodate the growing fetus and prepare for […]

Pregnant Moms’ Air Pollution Exposure May Affect Babies’ Health

A number of epidemiological studies support a link between air quality and poor health outcomes, and researchers are searching for explanations in the lab. Air pollution contributes to 4.2 million deaths each year, according to the World Health Organization, with 91 percent of the world population living in areas where it is greater than the limits […]

What are the 10 principles of good parenting?

1. What you do matters. Whether it’s your own health behaviors or the way you treat other people, your children are learning from what you do. “This is one of the most important principles,” Steinberg explains. “What you do makes a difference…Don’t just react on the spur of the moment. Ask yourself, What do I […]

9 Tips for Less Stressful Parenting

It all begins with love—that powerful bond between you and your baby. A healthy attachment sets the stage for your baby’s healthy development. Such an attachment helps to shape your baby’s brain pathways. And the confidence he gains from this loving connection gives him the confidence he needs to try new things and acquire new skills. (He knows […]

How Important Is Physical Contact with Your Infant?

The stark institutional isolation prevalent in the orphanages of some countries might have mostly melted away decades ago, but many babies and young children all over the world still grow up in environments where touch and emotional engagement are lacking. Many children who have not had ample physical and emotional attention are at higher risk for behavioral, […]

Baby smarts: 5 fascinating things babies know

For a long time, we didn’t give young babies the credit they deserved for being eager young scientists. We treated them as if they were in some developmental stage of limbo, waiting to awake from a Sleeping Beauty-like state of not-quite-being. Now we know that we were totally underestimating the abilities of babies. A growing […]