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Top tips to help your baby’s development

In a relatively short period of time, your baby will change from being a helpless individual to a walking toddler. This momentous achievement depends on muscle development and the growth of the brain pathways that become increasingly specialised in movement control in the first year. Here are a few essentials that can help your baby […]

50 Simple Ways to Make Your Baby Smarter

Infant-development experts believe that the first years of a child’s life are a prime time for learning, but sometimes it may be hard to think of new ways to stimulate your baby. Let these fun—and scientific—activities inspire you. Stimulate Baby’s Vision 1. Make eye contact. Take advantage of those brief moments when your newborn’s eyes are […]

Building a Secure Attachment Bond with Your Baby

Want to create a strong attachment with your newborn? These parenting tips can show you how to respond to your baby’s cues and ensure they have the best possible foundation for life. What is secure attachment? Attachment or the attachment bond is the unique emotional relationship between your baby and you, their primary caretaker. It is […]

Baby development

Researchers who study baby development aim to understand one of the world’s most intriguing stories: How the human mind comes online. The discoveries are fascinating for their own sake. But they also offer many practical insights for parents. What does normal baby sleep look like? How frequently should a baby feed? When and how do you start a baby on […]